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What is a bitmaps to vector design? Why is it important for your project or company?
we offer very high quality and quick conversion services from bitmaps to vector art and that too at very competitive rates. we do not use any automated softwares, all our conversion work are hand drawn and so that it will give a superior quality and image. again your converted vector file will be small in size as compared to the raster images. as it customized hand drawn conversion you can make it in any size and use it in any form of media.

vector art

bitmap to vector

bitmap to vector
This is an ideal vector conversion example of as complex art work, used from a picture of car.

bitmap to vector
Complex vector work for automobile industry converted from real photograph of a car.

complex art work
A perfect example of critical artwork one of our Australian client asked for customized vector design from ordinary picture a kangaroo.

cartoon illustration
Cartoon character (Tom & Jerry) nourished from a very ordinary bitmap file, converted into vector artwork with the help of Illustrator. Can be very useful for posters, t-shirts, caps, coffee mugs, koozie bags and many promotional iteams.

vector illustration
With the help of Illustrator, this Cartoon Character (SpiderMan) is converted customized vector image from simple JPEG file to use into a poster design and t-shirt printing for a U.S. client.

cartoon illustration
One of our local client provided a b/w photograph, that image converted into a linework first and convert into colorful cartoon character with very elegant touch. now this character used as a main brand image of the PlayHouse.